EMF COVID-19 Update
EMF COVID-19 Update Message
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After careful and thoughtful analysis of the continued local, regional, national, and global impact of the Coronavirus, the EMF Board of Directors made the difficult decision to cancel all programming and summer study for the 2020 season (June 27 – August 1).


It is with deep sadness that we had to make this important decision. The health and safety of our students, faculty, patrons, staff, and the entire Greensboro community was at the forefront of this decision. Waiting longer to come to this decision would have had a negative impact upon the well-being of the organization. Bringing over 400 students, faculty, and staff together to form a music community, as well as the gathering of our 21,000+ patrons, creates too great a risk of advancing the spread of the virus, endangering us all.


We are heartbroken that we will not be together in 2020. We really wanted to have a Festival this summer. We want to share music with you, and we know you want to be here with us in Greensboro, too. The lost opportunities for our students, faculty, guest artists, staff, and our patrons and sponsors cannot begin to be expressed. We also know the impact of our decision will be felt by our classical music-loving patrons and the greater Greensboro community.


EMF’s home office at the Greensboro Cultural Center is currently closed, and year-round staff are working remotely to continue to fulfill its mission to plan and prepare for another summer season of music study and performance in 2021.


As we adjust to this new reality, we have faith that this situation will be resolved soon, and we hope you have faith in us as we continue to build for EMF's future. In 2021, our Festival will celebrate 60 years of musical excellence, and we cannot wait to be together again with each and every one of you to experience EMF. as our Past Board President Dr. Timothy Lane mentioned during this decision-making process, "Absence of music and EMF will make the heart grow fonder."


Visit EMF’s website (easternmusicfestival.org) and social media channels for updates and information about the 60th anniversary season and how to apply for 2021 summer study.


We would like to acknowledge our incredible funders and patrons for their unwavering support, particularly in these uncertain times. Donations are very much appreciated and vital to the short-term and long-term health of the organization. Contributions to EMF can be made online at  https://www.easternmusicfestival.org/support/donate or by mail to P.O. Box 22026, Greensboro, NC, 27420.


Stay safe and be well.

Chris Williams, Executive Director

Gerard Schwarz, Music Director

Melanie Tuttle, Board of Directors President