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This year, the Festival’s piano program will accept up to twenty qualified students for enrollment. The five-week program features formal instruction through private lessons, master classes, chamber music studies and a variety of classes offered each year focusing on everything from technique to the history of the instrument.

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Private Lessons

EMF's Collaborative Piano Program is intensive. Participants study with the Festival's resident faculty and visiting artists where they work on repertoire already in progress and new repertoire, improving technique and musicianship. Teacher assignments are made at the beginning of the Festival. Participants have ready access to more than 25 pianos for daily practice and rehearsals.

PIano Classes
Master Classes

Each week, pianists participate in a master class led by faculty members. Several will be invited by the faculty to perform in public master classes given by guest artists.

Performance Classes

In addition to master classes, students participate in weekly performance classes led by piano faculty. The small-group settings offer a supportive atmosphere for the development of performance skills.

Literature Classes & Seminars

Piano literature classes and seminars are led by faculty, focusing on topics such as musical styles of various eras, historic recordings, technique, memorization, overcoming stage fright, and building a recital program.

Classes & Seminars

Chamber Music & Ensembles

A variety of opportunities are available for piano students to participate in ensembles. Students may be assigned to chamber music groups, orchestral parts and piano ensemble study, or they may be selected to accompany other instrumentalists in sonata literature. All assignments are made at the discretion of the piano faculty.

Many piano students choose to play in chamber ensembles. Each ensemble rehearses 3-4 times a week. Two of the weekly rehearsals are coached by EMF’s renowned artist faculty. Student chamber ensembles are often invited to perform on the Chamber Music Recital Series.

Piano Recitals

Students perform on the weekly Piano Recital series, which is open to the public. Pianists may also compete in the Concerto Competition.

Concerto Competition

Each year, EMF holds a Concerto Competition. Auditions are open to all students. Contestants may perform any solo work with orchestral accompaniment that was originally composed for their instrument and that does not exceed 18 minutes in length. Preliminaries are held on the second Sunday of the Festival; finals are held on the third Sunday. Memorization of standard solo repertoire is required for the final round and the performance.

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